About Glenn Dietzel

Glenn DietzelGlenn Dietzel is the Founder of Awakened, LLC, a leading thought company in the Recommendation Age. He has been at the forefront of authoring and business coaching/consulting now for several years. Insuring his clients all over the world author their own book in record time, Glenn teaches them to simultaneously building a profitable business using the power of the Internet.

Glenn has been called the Internet’s “best kept secret” and “the profit master” by his peers and experts in the authoring and publishing industry. Today he is even mentioned in the same breath as Tony Robbins and Donald Trump.

Moreover, Bery Wolk, the founder of the infomercial and the secret behind many billionaire success stories including Donald Trump has just recently created a partnership with Glenn’s company to produce the world’s first infomercial in the authoring and publishing industry.

As a former Vice Principal with two post-graduate degrees Glenn set two Internet records 3.5 years ago replacing both his income and his wife's income in record time—127 days off an 18 page digital download—with a system he now teaches his clients. He went on to set another Internet record making his first $100,000 from this same 18 page digital download on a list of under 500 people in less than 3 months and with no Joint Venture partners.

From Hong Kong to Hawaii, Glenn teaches people how to appropriate the specific attitudes, skills and knowledge not taught in any MBA program using the power of Entrepreneurial Authoring with its focus on rapid business acceleration using the power of Web 2.0. The success of Glenn’s authoring and business profit system provides a first in the authoring and publishing world: Instant access to a New York Publisher.

Glenn’s Entrepreneurial Authoring program has been recognized throughout the entire industry some of whom include…
  • The marketing company to leading e-publishing giant, ADOBE
  • Internet marketing experts Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin, Stephen Pierce, Joel Comm, Jim Edwards, Rick Butts and many others
  • Beryl Wolk, founder of the infomercial, the newspaper insert, Cable Guide magazine  etc.
  • PR experts Rick Frishman and Dave Lakhani
  • Personal Development Organizations including Bob Proctor, Harv Ecker, and Rudy Reuttiger
  • Imal Wagner (publicist to Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen),
  • The leading T.V. show, ‘Call For Help’ with Leo Laporte
  • Consultants to two U.S. Presidents
  • Many mid-tier companies (under NDAs)
  • Professionals from every organization including doctors, lawyers, dentists, chiropractors…
  • Self-publishing guru, Dan Poynter
  • Clients from more than 90 countries!
  • And many, many others!
If you are ready to challenge your assumptions about the steps you must take to market yourself in The Recommendation Age…if you are ready to become more than an expert…if you are ready to become the Intentional Choice where your clients only choose you over and over again…you’ll be glad that you met Glenn. Your personal and professional success has never been closer at hand!